Other services

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PROOFREADING I perform a control aimed at making style improvements, eliminating any typo, spelling or grammatical error and verifying layout and formatting. The content is not modified.



EDITING I perform a check of the text from a grammatical and syntactic point of view, in order to make it more fluent. I verify that all information is faithful to the original document and that the used terminology is correct. 



TRANSCREATION I make a translation for creative purpose, i.e. obtained through the cultural adaptation of the concepts and ideas contained in the original text, considering all differences in lifestyle, values, codes, tastes, customs and traditions. It involves transferring a creative message to another culture, creating expressions that can be very different from the original, but perfectly appropriate, meaningful and effective in conveying the idea. The result permits to sell a brand, a product, a service or an idea to the relevant public in a convincing and effective way.



POST-EDITING I perform the linguistic check of texts produced by an automatic translation engine.



INTERPRETING i.e. company interpreter for business negotiation: conference and company visit, meeting, commercial agreement, professional training, exhibition. I am available to attend at briefing days. Any reference material (documents, reports of previous meetings, glossaries, etc.) concerning the sector of activity and/or the scheduled event must be provided with reasonable advance.